Mastering Modern Motherhood

Advice For Working Moms from Working Moms

Few events in a woman’s life have as much of an impact as that of becoming a mother. While being a mother has its rewards, it also comes with anxiety aplenty. To new mothers, the concept of adding a full-time job to the already infinite list of motherhood induced stresses can seem daunting or even impossible. However, according to a study done by the United States Department of Labor, as many as 70% of all women in the workforce have children under the age of 18 at home. Such an impressive statistic proves that not only is it possible, but that it is being accomplished by more women every day.

During an interview, a group of women were asked to give advice to new mothers with an interest in obtaining employment. These ladies have either raised or are currently raising happy and healthy children, and have managed to obtain success in their chosen professions. They broke up each aspect of a woman’s life into four separate parts with tips and secrets on how to be successful in each.

1) Time Management Skills:

Although not technically an aspect of life, practicing good time management skills is a must for any mom. Not only can the ability to manage her time wisely reduce the stresses of everyday life, but it can also play a key role in being productive. The easiest method to enhance this skill is to implement a schedule. Following a well formulated schedule each day can ensure that a mother has the proper amount of time to spend on the important events of her day. With a schedule in place she can spend less time worrying about her next move and more time focusing on the tasks and people who matter most.

2) Domestic:

The most dominant piece of woman’s life is that of her family and home. This is perhaps the most stressful and at the same time rewarding aspect of being a woman. Having children can breathe new life and purpose into a woman, but it can also be the most taxing experience of her life. Along with the joys brought by motherhood comes waves of intense doubts, fears and worries. The key to staving off these negative emotions is to keep in mind that there is no right answer to parenting. As long as a mother can devote love to her children and keep their best wishes at heart, then they will grow up just fine. As for household chores, moms agreed that the best course of action is to encourage children to participate as early as possible. This will not only aid in keeping the house in order, but will also teach children to be responsible for cleaning up their own messes. Above all else, moms should learn to appreciate and cherish even the smallest amount of time spent with their children. After all, the day will come when those children will mature into adults who are ready to leave home to begin their own journeys.

3) Career:

Choosing to explore career opportunities comes as naturally to women these days as it does to men. Unfortunately, mothers are faced with many more obstacles than perhaps any other group of people. One of the most common hurdles she must overcome is that of her own guilty conscience. Moms beginning a new career are plagued with anxieties over leaving their children. They often question their ability to properly raise a child if they’re not with them at all times. There’s a sense that she may be straining the bond between her and her child and also a fear that she may not be around when her children need her.  It is important for moms with careers to realize that gaining steady employment does not make them neglectful parents. Just the opposite is true. Moms who work are not only demonstrating their determination to do whatever it takes to support their families, but they’re also teaching their children a lesson in the value of hard work.

4) Relationships:

One of the most powerful tools in a mother’s arsenal is her support system. Developing strong friendships with people her own age can do wonders for a mother’s sanity. Often women will devote so much time and effort into their families and careers that they can lose track of their social life. Without taking the time to establish healthy relationships with people her own age, a mother can be left with only her children as companions. On that note, it may be a good idea for moms to schedule a date night every once in a while. A little bit of romance, even if it’s just for one night, can do wonders for mom’s stress level.

5) Personal:

In the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, moms can easily lose sight of their own happiness and well-being. A woman should never be made to feel guilty if she needs to slip away from everything for a while. Moms who take the time to detach and breathe will find their moods elevated and their energy levels rejuvenated. Her children will also benefit much more from a happy and healthy matriarch than a foul tempered zombie who can’t form a coherent thought. It may take a bit of trial and error, but finding her own unique balance and acknowledging her personal needs and desires can completely change a mother’s world.