You… are… it.

-A breakdown of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead-


If you’re like millions of other Americans, you tuned in to The Walking Dead’s crushing finale last night. Sunday’s episode only subtly developed the plot of the story, but for the most part consisted of the group being herded into a trap set by the series new villain. The other half of the episode was a storyline for Carol and Morgan.

During the Carol/Morgan plotline we see Morgan find a beautiful healthy horse in a grass field and uses it to search for Carol after she disappeared during the events of the last episode. Once he finds her, he sees that Carol has been shot in the stomach, but the wound is not fatal. After Morgan patches her up and goes to make sure they’re safe for the night, he returns to find Carol has again given him the slip.

While dealing with a walker, Carol is caught off guard by Savior, whom she tried to kill during the last episode. He quickly gains the upper hand after wrestling her gun from her hands. The two have some dialogue and Carol gets shot twice. One time in the arm and once in the leg.

She begs for him to just kill her, and just when it seems that he’s ready to oblige her request, Morgan comes to the rescue. He pleads with the man to leave and survive, but the Savior prepares to shoot Carol. In order to save her life, Morgan goes against everything in which he believes and shoots the man dead.

After examining Carol, the duo is spotted by two men dressed in riot gear. One of the men is on horseback. The men ask if they’re okay and to explain what had just happened, to which Morgan replies that he found the man’s horse and his friend. The reason this is significant is that it points to another colony of people.

These men on horseback greatly hint at the introduction of The Kingdom. In the comics, The Kingdom is run by a man named King Ezekiel and his pet freaking tiger named Shiva. The kingdom is an ally to The Hilltop and Alexandria and key to the plot of stopping Negan. Be excited.

While all of this is going on with Carol and Morgan, back in Alexandria the group prepare to make a run to The Hilltop after Maggie begins experiencing strange pregnancy pains and becomes violently ill. During the course of their story, the caravan tries three different alternate routes, each time being driven to a different road by a group of saviors or trap set by them.

Finally, the group sends Eugene by himself in one direction, while they sneak off into the woods. Unfortunately, the small group finds themselves in a clearing; which upon being illuminated, revealed that they were not only surrounded, but that Eugene had already been capture. Soon the “Big Bad” of the season is introduced. Negan is a character straight from the comics and lives up to expectations from the moment he sets foot on-screen.

Right off the bat, pun intended, Negan lines up the Alexandrians and plays a sadistic game of “Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe” in which the person he picks will meet a bloody death at the hands of his barbed wire encased bat named Lucille. This is the part I’m sure that everyone is just dying to read about, so without further ado….

I broke down the footage scene by scene and word by words, scoured the internet for multiple confirmations for the order in which Negan lines up his helpless victims. I’m comfortable with telling you not only the order in which he lines up the Alexandrians, but also multiple potential hints as to the identity of his victim. Below is a list of each character in the lineup and reasons for and against their potential demise. Starting from left to right:

Character: Reasons they might live: Reasons they might not:
Glenn Killing Glenn would leave out the element of surprise. Most fans that are familiar with the comic storyline already know this is how he dies. Killing Glenn at this point would diminish the shock value. Also, this is one of the people whom I have eliminated as a suspect thanks to watching the camera angles. This is his moment to die. In the comic books, he’s bludgeoned to death by Lucille while screaming Maggie’s name over and over again. Glenn’s death has also been teased multiple times throughout the season with him barely escaping. Glenn’s death would propel multiple storylines forward, such as those of Maggie and Enid.
Rosita Rosita was nowhere near the vicinity of the bat when Negan’s monologue draws to a close. She finally seems to be getting a storyline of her own that is following that of the comics very closely. If they stick to the comic storyline for her, she will be safe for multiple seasons. The Walking Dead is notorious for building a character’s appeal right before they kill them off.
Daryl Daryl is another character who appears to be safe. When you look at the sequence in which Negan is choosing his victim, Daryl is seemingly on the opposite side of the line. Also, based on his incredibly large and loyal fan base, it would probably not do well for them to kill him. He’s still bleeding from that gunshot wound he suffered during the last episode. Also, Daryl’s storyline has been lagging lately. It would definitely be a total shock to the group and to the audience to see him go out in such a manner.
Michonne While it’s not likely that Michonne will meet her demise, I have little evidence either way. Based on the comic books, she’s still alive during the most recent iteration. It would rock the entire show to its core if Michonne were the one they choose to kill. Not to mention Rick doesn’t have a very good track record of keeping lovers. Here’s looking at you Jessie and Lori.
Abraham Abraham has had a lot of character development in the past few episodes, but he is living on borrowed time. Abraham is one of the top three contenders for being Lucilled. The walking dead has a habit of killing hope within its characters and he seems to be reinvigorated with his new relationship with Sasha.
Maggie Maggie being pregnant seemingly cements her safety. It’s unlikely that the show would kill her in her condition. Maggie being killed instead of Glenn, wouldn’t be the first time that the roles between two characters have been reversed. Back in season two it was Sophia, not Carol who met her end. In the comic books it is the other way around. It would definitely be a shock to everyone if the show runners take this route.
Rick Safe He’s safe, but wouldn’t it come as a complete shock?
Aaron Unfortunately, Aaron is one of the few that we cannot rule out. Worst of all, he’s on the right side of the chosen victim. The one saving grace that Aaron has, is that the show just killed off lesbian character Denise. Killing another homosexual character would send the wrong message. Also, we haven’t gotten enough story development for his death to have much emotional shock. Aaron would perhaps be the easiest character for the show to kill. He’s considered enough of a main character for the death to hurt, but not enough of a main character to have a huge fan base. Another damning quality, going back over the scene, it very well could have been him that was “It”
Sasha Sasha is not a character from the comic books, so there’s no information on when she’ll get her ticket punched. Sasha’s sadly on the top of my list as the recipient. Sasha has had quite a bit of character development in the past few episodes. We’ve seen her grow enough to care for her. This would be the right time for the show’s writers to punch her number. Also, she is tied for Aaron as the person I believe to be “It”
Carl It’s unlikely that Carl is the one who got killed, as Negan’s line about plucking his eye out and feeding it to Rick. You can’t pluck out an eye if it’s being bludgeoned out of its skull. There is a picture circulating online that shows what appears to be Carl’s shadow on the final shot of Negan. This could foreshadow a very ominous future for Carl.
Eugene Eugene is not only still alive in the comic books, he is also the main reason they can establish trading ammunition with other communities. Eugene gave his plans for the manufacturing of bullets to Rick, an act that is not present in the comics and takes away from his relevance to the group. He also seems to be on the correct side of Negan’s choice. Eugene has seen a lot of growth and redemption during the past season, and now would be the ideal time for his death. It would be a shock and devastating blow not only to the group but also viewers as well.


Negan Lineup: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, aaron, sasha, Carl, Eugene

Eenie- Rick

Meanie- Maggie

Miney- Abraham

Moe- Michonne

Catch- Glenn/Rosita?

A tiger- Daryl

By- Eugene

His toe- Carl

If- Sasha/Aaron?

He hollers- Aaron/Sasha?

Let him go- Rick

My mother- Maggie

Told me- Carl

Top pick- Michonne

The- Daryl

Very- Rosita

Best- Glenn

One- Eugene

And you- Carl

Are- Sasha/Aaron?

It- Aaron/Sasha?


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