Mastering Modern Motherhood

Advice For Working Moms from Working Moms

Few events in a woman’s life have as much of an impact as that of becoming a mother. While being a mother has its rewards, it also comes with anxiety aplenty. To new mothers, the concept of adding a full-time job to the already infinite list of motherhood induced stresses can seem daunting or even impossible. However, according to a study done by the United States Department of Labor, as many as 70% of all women in the workforce have children under the age of 18 at home. Such an impressive statistic proves that not only is it possible, but that it is being accomplished by more women every day.

During an interview, a group of women were asked to give advice to new mothers with an interest in obtaining employment. These ladies have either raised or are currently raising happy and healthy children, and have managed to obtain success in their chosen professions. They broke up each aspect of a woman’s life into four separate parts with tips and secrets on how to be successful in each.

1) Time Management Skills:

Although not technically an aspect of life, practicing good time management skills is a must for any mom. Not only can the ability to manage her time wisely reduce the stresses of everyday life, but it can also play a key role in being productive. The easiest method to enhance this skill is to implement a schedule. Following a well formulated schedule each day can ensure that a mother has the proper amount of time to spend on the important events of her day. With a schedule in place she can spend less time worrying about her next move and more time focusing on the tasks and people who matter most.

2) Domestic:

The most dominant piece of woman’s life is that of her family and home. This is perhaps the most stressful and at the same time rewarding aspect of being a woman. Having children can breathe new life and purpose into a woman, but it can also be the most taxing experience of her life. Along with the joys brought by motherhood comes waves of intense doubts, fears and worries. The key to staving off these negative emotions is to keep in mind that there is no right answer to parenting. As long as a mother can devote love to her children and keep their best wishes at heart, then they will grow up just fine. As for household chores, moms agreed that the best course of action is to encourage children to participate as early as possible. This will not only aid in keeping the house in order, but will also teach children to be responsible for cleaning up their own messes. Above all else, moms should learn to appreciate and cherish even the smallest amount of time spent with their children. After all, the day will come when those children will mature into adults who are ready to leave home to begin their own journeys.

3) Career:

Choosing to explore career opportunities comes as naturally to women these days as it does to men. Unfortunately, mothers are faced with many more obstacles than perhaps any other group of people. One of the most common hurdles she must overcome is that of her own guilty conscience. Moms beginning a new career are plagued with anxieties over leaving their children. They often question their ability to properly raise a child if they’re not with them at all times. There’s a sense that she may be straining the bond between her and her child and also a fear that she may not be around when her children need her.  It is important for moms with careers to realize that gaining steady employment does not make them neglectful parents. Just the opposite is true. Moms who work are not only demonstrating their determination to do whatever it takes to support their families, but they’re also teaching their children a lesson in the value of hard work.

4) Relationships:

One of the most powerful tools in a mother’s arsenal is her support system. Developing strong friendships with people her own age can do wonders for a mother’s sanity. Often women will devote so much time and effort into their families and careers that they can lose track of their social life. Without taking the time to establish healthy relationships with people her own age, a mother can be left with only her children as companions. On that note, it may be a good idea for moms to schedule a date night every once in a while. A little bit of romance, even if it’s just for one night, can do wonders for mom’s stress level.

5) Personal:

In the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, moms can easily lose sight of their own happiness and well-being. A woman should never be made to feel guilty if she needs to slip away from everything for a while. Moms who take the time to detach and breathe will find their moods elevated and their energy levels rejuvenated. Her children will also benefit much more from a happy and healthy matriarch than a foul tempered zombie who can’t form a coherent thought. It may take a bit of trial and error, but finding her own unique balance and acknowledging her personal needs and desires can completely change a mother’s world.


A Cautionary Word of Warning to Writers:

Never let it be said that following your dreams is an easy road to travel. Along the way life has a habit of throwing many twists and turns, bumps and holes, and even sometimes the occasional wall. One of the many obstacles a writer must overcome is being scammed by someone.

Recently, on the writer’s board section of UpWork, one such apparent scam artist has submitted a phony request for writers. The company is titled “Authors Off the Block”. Their method is actually pretty genius, but in an evil way. After placing a bid for the position, the guy in charge of the “company” gets into immediate contact with the hopeful naïve freelancer.

The man known as David Tapia will then challenge the new writer to create a custom sample article to see if they’re the right fit for the job. He provides them with a choice between five specific topics about which to write, and even specifies an exact word count for this sample. He then instructs the naïve young artist to email the final copy to him directly and provides his email address.

After toiling away for days and stressing themselves past the limit to make sure they’ve crafted the perfect piece to impress this company, the aspiring author submits the final fruits of his efforts. David will then respond to the email informing the new prospect that the article is well written and will be run by a test audience to see how well it is received.

This is where the scam begins. In all actuality, there is no “test audience” and will be no future assignments. The thief will disappear into the shadows from whence he came, taking with him a nice fresh well written article. After countless failed attempts to contact him, a quick search of the top three search engines yields absolutely no results for the term “Authors Off the Block”, which indicates that no such company exists.

Even worse is the fact that the proposal in question, which has no payment method on file, has garnered over 45 “interviews” with a 0% rate of hire. That’s 45 or more fresh, nicely polished, finely crafted articles stolen from people trying to follow their dreams. Sadly, the scam artist is likely to hire another aspiring writer with dreams of making it in this business to slightly reword the articles in order to pass them off as his own.

There are a few tips to keep this sort of event from happening to someone else in the future. First, any freelancer should only work with someone who has valid payment information entered into the site. How can a company hire someone if they can’t pay for their services? Also, always be certain that the company has an established web presence in order to verify that they’re real.

Next, it may seem logical that a potential employer would need a sample of a freelance writer’s work in order to verify their validity in the craft, but in reality it is completely unprofessional for a prospective client to assign such a task without paying for it. Instead, a legitimate company will ask to view a sample of the writer’s portfolio of work. Meaning they would be viewing articles and works already established by the freelancer. A writer should never be expected to write something for free.

The final piece of advice, should a freelancer choose to use UpWork, is to make certain that a contract has been established between both parties before any work begins. This contract no only ensures the writer will be paid for his or her hard work, but also lays out the details for exactly what is expected from both parties. Only once a clear assignment has been made and the subject of payment has been agreed upon, should the writer then begin working on a new article.

Sometimes life teaches a valuable lesson the hard way. But for every bad offer there is a legitimate request waiting to be filled. It is possible, with a little bit of caution and research, to avoid being scammed. Be careful on the path to achieving a dream, there will always be someone trying to take advantage of the passionate.


Cleaning Out the Closet

-A journey of discovery and growth through lessons learned from the past.

Never let it be said that cleaning is always a dull task. This was the lesson I learned yesterday when I decided that it was time to clean and organize my parent’s closet. To say this chore was daunting is a grave understatement. The closet had been packed so full to the brim that even closing the door was a job.

To be honest, my motives were not completely selfless. I started the task with the simple intentions of only clearing out enough space to reach the printer that had been stored on the back shelf. I’ll admit, I had no idea if the thing even worked anymore, but I was determined to find out.

So with my goal in mind, I tried to move one of the boxes from my path only to realize that it was much too heavy to move. I quickly realized that if I were going to obtain my prize, I would first have to sort through the contents of this box in order to move it.

From that point, I told myself that if I were going to sort through the biggest box in the closet, then I may as well dig into the rest of the mess too since that box contained the majority of the junk. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find that it was full of old photographs, awards and keepsakes which had been thought lost to the cruel hands of time.

 photo scan0002.jpg

Combing through these forgotten treasures, I instantly forgot that I was supposed to be cleaning. The task of organizing the closet was now my secondary goal, as my primary focus shifted to a sense of wonder. What other prizes lay buried in the rubble awaiting to be found?

As I sorted through the aged photographs I was treated to a trip through the past. I watched myself and brother mature before my eyes. There were pictures dating from the day we were born up through elementary school and then into the teenage years.

 photo scan0006.jpg

I was reunited with pleasant memories of lost loved ones. I found pictures of my granny looking younger and more alive than I can remember. Images of her smiling face and youthful zest, her carefree spirit and nurturing grace, captured; frozen in time as epitaphs to a time long gone.

 photo Gran and Me.jpg

I found pictures of my grandfathers too. Both my mother’s biological and adoptive fathers were present. It was nice to see each of them and even more joyful to try to remember them as they were in the images laid out before me.

There were an abundance of stills featuring my earliest memories of my aunts and uncles, cousins and long lost friends. It’s funny how time changes people. Friendships wane, relationships cease or become stronger, and people age.

Many photos featured budding couples in the blissful throws of young love, but over time those same couples drifted apart for one reason or another. There are a few exceptions to that rule, which are extraordinary examples of true undying love. My uncle Rick and aunt Carol have been together since they were teenagers and the years have only seen them grow closer and more in love with one another.

As I turned the pages of my old family album, and journeyed into the farthest reaches of my memories, I recovered many memories of events and celebrations about which I had completely forgotten. It was in a Christmas photo that I found the origins of my love for video games, Specifically Mario and Nintendo. My first glimpse into the world of gaming came at the hands of Super Mario 3 and I am proud to state that I have since played almost every Mario title to date.

 photo Mario3.jpg

It wasn’t all pictures inside the box either. Underneath the withered and torn remnants of the large photo album were smaller boxes filled with awards that I had won as a child. There were certificates of achievements and trophies I had earned during my brief dabbling in the world of sports. Granted, most of those were participation awards because I was… what’s a nice way to say terrible?

My crowning achievements were the trophies I had earned during my years on the academic team. There were numerous trophies and medals earned not only at regional competitions, but also the award I earned when I made it to the state level in language arts.

After two hours of plundering through the gigantic box, I had finally reached the bottom. I then began perusing the contents of the numerous smaller boxes, after all, I was no longer cleaning. I was exploring.

Admittedly most of the rest of the boxes were just filled with useless junk and broken electronics. However, beneath a mound of my sister-in-law’s creepy porcelain dolls I discovered a treasure trove of important documents.

 photo scan0008.jpg

Among the best discoveries were my dad’s high school diploma, my parents’ marriage certificate and license, and my ACT score results. My graduation gown was also stored with these documents, unfortunately the hat seems to have been lost in time.

As the excitement of discovery began to dwindle in proportion to the number of remaining boxes; I was forced to renew my focus on cleaning. Once most of the boxes had been removed it became evident that something had burrowed a hole through the floor from under the house. Evidence of this mysterious creature was displayed all around me. Inside a box of my deceased aunt’s book collection were gnawed and torn pages, feces and acorns. Damn squirrels.

Upon removing the last of the boxes, I came across a fairly well preserved comforter from my childhood. Unfortunately for me, the cover seemed to have an occupant. Obscured by a fold in the blanket, a mass of fur lay in a motionless clump of matted grey and white hair.

I had endured several hardships throughout this task. I was covered in dust, had been exposed to hundreds of tiny poops and had even been accosted by shards of shattered glass from old picture frames. Through all of this I persevered, but I was absolutely not about to participate in a Pokemon battle. So, I did the bravest thing I could think to do and called for my daddy.

My father came to my aid, taking his time and using absolutely no haste or speed. When he did finally arrive to my rescue, I wasted no time in pointing out the source of my anxieties. After a moments inspection, dad began to laugh hysterically. He walked into the closet and began to stomp down repeatedly onto the creature. After he felt satisfied that he had accomplished his goals of completely mortifying me and making me assume that he had massacred a defenseless animal in its sleep; my dad decided to reveal that he had not only vanquished but laid utter waste to a gigantic, furry pillow…

 photo 20160409_202309.jpg

This was a nice bonding moment for the two of us. My fathered having rescued me from the deadly décor, and me crying tears of laughter and losing my breath over the hilarious revelation. The bonds between two people only grow stronger after a harrowing adventure like that.

Finally, the closet was completely empty, except for the printer that started this whole event. I claimed my prize with a much greater sense of accomplishment than would have been present had I stuck with my original intentions.

The celebration was short lived, because even though the prize had been claimed, the task I had initiated was not quite completed. The closet had been emptied, but now everything that hadn’t been thrown away needed to be put back. I picked up the massive box that I had emptied during the beginning of my task and used it for a safe place to store the creepy community of dolls. After covering them with a blanket to keep away dust and also so that I wouldn’t have to look at them again; I began to carefully load a small tote with the important documents, keepsakes and books.

After hours of cleaning and organizing, I was able to reduce the amount of items stored in closet down to these two boxes. Upon coming into this knowledge, I was then able to put away all of my parents’ clothes and free up space in their bedroom where the dresser and clothes hamper once resided.

My task had finally been completed. I ran the vacuum cleaner over the floor one last time to rid the floor of any debris that had fallen during my tirade. As I listened to the hum of the suction, I began to reflect on the events of the day. An enormous sense of pride and accomplishment swept over me. Not only had I worked really hard, but I felt as though I had just done a tremendous good deed for my parents as well.

I pondered about what I had achieved and realized that I had learned something during my journey into the catacombs of the past. It dawned on me that even though a task may seem daunting and challenging, with the proper amount of determination you can overcome. The emotions that are triggered after completing a complex task are much more rewarding than those that come from doing something easy.

If you find yourself faced with a big complicated and time consuming task, there are ways to make the workload seem less like work. For me, breaking the ultimate goal up into multiple smaller goals worked wonders. Not only did time seem to fly by, but it seemed to help speed up the process.

If at all possible, find a way to make the hard or mundane errands more enjoyable. In this instance, instead of focusing on the fact that I was cleaning, I turned my attention to specific items I was unearthing while I was cleaning. In doing so, I was able to not only almost entirely forget that I was doing a chore, but also able to turn it into an exciting adventure into events of the distant reaches of times long since passed.

 photo scan0007.jpg

It truly is amazing that something as run of the mill as cleaning out the contents of a closet can teach you such valuable life lessons. Appreciate the past, hold on to the present and work hard for the future. Your life is only as rich as the people with which you surround yourself. Through friendship and love, we experience all of the beauty that the world has to offer. Cherish those special moments spent with loved ones, as one day all that you will have left are aged photographs and vague memories.

You… are… it.

-A breakdown of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead-


If you’re like millions of other Americans, you tuned in to The Walking Dead’s crushing finale last night. Sunday’s episode only subtly developed the plot of the story, but for the most part consisted of the group being herded into a trap set by the series new villain. The other half of the episode was a storyline for Carol and Morgan.

During the Carol/Morgan plotline we see Morgan find a beautiful healthy horse in a grass field and uses it to search for Carol after she disappeared during the events of the last episode. Once he finds her, he sees that Carol has been shot in the stomach, but the wound is not fatal. After Morgan patches her up and goes to make sure they’re safe for the night, he returns to find Carol has again given him the slip.

While dealing with a walker, Carol is caught off guard by Savior, whom she tried to kill during the last episode. He quickly gains the upper hand after wrestling her gun from her hands. The two have some dialogue and Carol gets shot twice. One time in the arm and once in the leg.

She begs for him to just kill her, and just when it seems that he’s ready to oblige her request, Morgan comes to the rescue. He pleads with the man to leave and survive, but the Savior prepares to shoot Carol. In order to save her life, Morgan goes against everything in which he believes and shoots the man dead.

After examining Carol, the duo is spotted by two men dressed in riot gear. One of the men is on horseback. The men ask if they’re okay and to explain what had just happened, to which Morgan replies that he found the man’s horse and his friend. The reason this is significant is that it points to another colony of people.

These men on horseback greatly hint at the introduction of The Kingdom. In the comics, The Kingdom is run by a man named King Ezekiel and his pet freaking tiger named Shiva. The kingdom is an ally to The Hilltop and Alexandria and key to the plot of stopping Negan. Be excited.

While all of this is going on with Carol and Morgan, back in Alexandria the group prepare to make a run to The Hilltop after Maggie begins experiencing strange pregnancy pains and becomes violently ill. During the course of their story, the caravan tries three different alternate routes, each time being driven to a different road by a group of saviors or trap set by them.

Finally, the group sends Eugene by himself in one direction, while they sneak off into the woods. Unfortunately, the small group finds themselves in a clearing; which upon being illuminated, revealed that they were not only surrounded, but that Eugene had already been capture. Soon the “Big Bad” of the season is introduced. Negan is a character straight from the comics and lives up to expectations from the moment he sets foot on-screen.

Right off the bat, pun intended, Negan lines up the Alexandrians and plays a sadistic game of “Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe” in which the person he picks will meet a bloody death at the hands of his barbed wire encased bat named Lucille. This is the part I’m sure that everyone is just dying to read about, so without further ado….

I broke down the footage scene by scene and word by words, scoured the internet for multiple confirmations for the order in which Negan lines up his helpless victims. I’m comfortable with telling you not only the order in which he lines up the Alexandrians, but also multiple potential hints as to the identity of his victim. Below is a list of each character in the lineup and reasons for and against their potential demise. Starting from left to right:

Character: Reasons they might live: Reasons they might not:
Glenn Killing Glenn would leave out the element of surprise. Most fans that are familiar with the comic storyline already know this is how he dies. Killing Glenn at this point would diminish the shock value. Also, this is one of the people whom I have eliminated as a suspect thanks to watching the camera angles. This is his moment to die. In the comic books, he’s bludgeoned to death by Lucille while screaming Maggie’s name over and over again. Glenn’s death has also been teased multiple times throughout the season with him barely escaping. Glenn’s death would propel multiple storylines forward, such as those of Maggie and Enid.
Rosita Rosita was nowhere near the vicinity of the bat when Negan’s monologue draws to a close. She finally seems to be getting a storyline of her own that is following that of the comics very closely. If they stick to the comic storyline for her, she will be safe for multiple seasons. The Walking Dead is notorious for building a character’s appeal right before they kill them off.
Daryl Daryl is another character who appears to be safe. When you look at the sequence in which Negan is choosing his victim, Daryl is seemingly on the opposite side of the line. Also, based on his incredibly large and loyal fan base, it would probably not do well for them to kill him. He’s still bleeding from that gunshot wound he suffered during the last episode. Also, Daryl’s storyline has been lagging lately. It would definitely be a total shock to the group and to the audience to see him go out in such a manner.
Michonne While it’s not likely that Michonne will meet her demise, I have little evidence either way. Based on the comic books, she’s still alive during the most recent iteration. It would rock the entire show to its core if Michonne were the one they choose to kill. Not to mention Rick doesn’t have a very good track record of keeping lovers. Here’s looking at you Jessie and Lori.
Abraham Abraham has had a lot of character development in the past few episodes, but he is living on borrowed time. Abraham is one of the top three contenders for being Lucilled. The walking dead has a habit of killing hope within its characters and he seems to be reinvigorated with his new relationship with Sasha.
Maggie Maggie being pregnant seemingly cements her safety. It’s unlikely that the show would kill her in her condition. Maggie being killed instead of Glenn, wouldn’t be the first time that the roles between two characters have been reversed. Back in season two it was Sophia, not Carol who met her end. In the comic books it is the other way around. It would definitely be a shock to everyone if the show runners take this route.
Rick Safe He’s safe, but wouldn’t it come as a complete shock?
Aaron Unfortunately, Aaron is one of the few that we cannot rule out. Worst of all, he’s on the right side of the chosen victim. The one saving grace that Aaron has, is that the show just killed off lesbian character Denise. Killing another homosexual character would send the wrong message. Also, we haven’t gotten enough story development for his death to have much emotional shock. Aaron would perhaps be the easiest character for the show to kill. He’s considered enough of a main character for the death to hurt, but not enough of a main character to have a huge fan base. Another damning quality, going back over the scene, it very well could have been him that was “It”
Sasha Sasha is not a character from the comic books, so there’s no information on when she’ll get her ticket punched. Sasha’s sadly on the top of my list as the recipient. Sasha has had quite a bit of character development in the past few episodes. We’ve seen her grow enough to care for her. This would be the right time for the show’s writers to punch her number. Also, she is tied for Aaron as the person I believe to be “It”
Carl It’s unlikely that Carl is the one who got killed, as Negan’s line about plucking his eye out and feeding it to Rick. You can’t pluck out an eye if it’s being bludgeoned out of its skull. There is a picture circulating online that shows what appears to be Carl’s shadow on the final shot of Negan. This could foreshadow a very ominous future for Carl.
Eugene Eugene is not only still alive in the comic books, he is also the main reason they can establish trading ammunition with other communities. Eugene gave his plans for the manufacturing of bullets to Rick, an act that is not present in the comics and takes away from his relevance to the group. He also seems to be on the correct side of Negan’s choice. Eugene has seen a lot of growth and redemption during the past season, and now would be the ideal time for his death. It would be a shock and devastating blow not only to the group but also viewers as well.


Negan Lineup: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, aaron, sasha, Carl, Eugene

Eenie- Rick

Meanie- Maggie

Miney- Abraham

Moe- Michonne

Catch- Glenn/Rosita?

A tiger- Daryl

By- Eugene

His toe- Carl

If- Sasha/Aaron?

He hollers- Aaron/Sasha?

Let him go- Rick

My mother- Maggie

Told me- Carl

Top pick- Michonne

The- Daryl

Very- Rosita

Best- Glenn

One- Eugene

And you- Carl

Are- Sasha/Aaron?

It- Aaron/Sasha?

The top 10 reasons why YOU should vote for Donald Trump!

Love him or hate him, the guy is everywhere. Sporting the same carefree attitude and devilish good looks (that sexy golden hair!) Donald Trump is quickly charming his way through the hearts of Americans. So today we’re counting down a list of the top 10 reasons to vote for Donald Trump!

10) He supports biblical values

Mr. Trump has been on record as stating that his favorite book is the bible, he goes on to claim that no one has read the bible more than he. The man is so devout that when asked about his favorite passage, he could not name one. He has obviously read the parts about how God favors the meek and giving tithes. (You know, 10% of your income). He’s also such a fan of the sanctity of marriage that he decided to have 3 weddings. The poor guy must have missed the part condemning divorce, but that’s okay, Kim Davis can absolve him of his sins since she was able to do herself that favor earlier.

9) He’s a political outsider

In a world that is ran by career politicians, he has never run for office, which means he’s not a politician. Politicians have never had other jobs; they just work in politics. Donald has never influenced political opinions or spent 1.4 million dollars funding political ventures before running for president. He’s never managed a city or town or state, but it’s a sure thing that he could run an entire country with no experience whatsoever!

8) He is a successful businessman

After only receiving a measly one million dollars from his father, he rose from such humble beginnings and built an incredible empire. He has never failed in anything he’s tried to accomplish, except maybe those four bankruptcies and a couple failed marriages. It’s okay though, he probably wouldn’t run our country into his fifth bankruptcy.

7) Muslims should be locked in prison camps

He’s been on record saying that we should keep those pesky Muslims out of our country as some of them might be terrorist. Better yet, we should round up the people of Islam in this country and designate internment camps in which they can live until we figure out what to do with them. Maybe we could build a chamber that fills with mustard gas to get rid of the ones we think might be terrorist. We could also perform experiments on them to better understand why these people became Muslims in the first place. We’d need the healthy ones to dig trenches to bury the bodies of the suspected terrorists… and then maybe we would have to shoot the diggers in case they decide to try to rise up against America.

6) We need more nuclear weapons

When asked about his stance on nuclear weapons, Mr. Trump not only supports building more of them, but also further suggests that he would use such weapons against our closest allies. That sounds like a great idea, if these “allies” don’t support us, we’ll bomb them until they’re gone or fully under his control. Isn’t instilling fear and compliance the greatest American tradition?

5) He’s got such a charming personality

Mr. Trump is always willing to comment on people’s appearance, beliefs, values and weaknesses. He’s not afraid to poke fun at the cripples or critique a woman’s looks. He’s always quick to insult and not afraid to shy away from social issues. He’s be a great diplomat when it comes to negotiating foreign affairs. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being called fat, ugly or stupid when they’re trying to reach a deal!

4) He supports women’s rights

When it comes to women, Donald has the right ideas! Women should be treated like a beautiful building or work of art, you know, things that people own or put on display. He gives great advice to women trying to make in the business world, suggesting they use their sex appeal to win people over. It makes sense, if you’re a woman you should use your body to be taken seriously, it’s not like good ideas and a strong work ethic really mean anything. Also, don’t go pumping that breast milk ladies; The Donald finds that disgusting.

3) He relates to minorities

There’s the fact that he wants that notorious wall built between Mexico and the US, which is a great idea because no one’s ever tried that idea before. (Looking at you, Germany and China) It’s definitely a great idea to distance ourselves from stereotypes as well, and he’s never used any Asian or Latino slurs in conversation. He raises women up by commenting on their sex appeal and overall pleasantness at which to look. He realizes that hard working and smart black men have so many advantages over whites, too!

2) He would use his money to fix America

Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire philanthropist. He’s got more than enough money to help fix the economy and rebuild the middle class. There’s no doubt that he’d probably use his own resources to stabilize the broken economy. He’s made a lot of money with the Chinese in the past, it’s possible he could borrow money from them as well. This idea would surely end well.

1) He keeps it real doesn’t lie like other politicians

The number one reason to vote for Donald Trump is that he says what’s on his mind and has no filter. This works great in foreign policy where other cultural customs would normally be observed so as not to offend a nation’s leader. He would do away with that diplomatic garbage and cut to the chase, showering insults until he finally gets his way.


In honor of how real The Donald keeps it, I will now confess that this was an April Fool’s joke, please, whomever you vote for, democrat or republican, don’t let it be this awful excuse of a person. You’re better than that America.